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Adhesive Paper Tapes by PRINTAPE

Adhesive Paper Tapes by PRINTAPE

Adhesive paper tapes are a typology of adhesive tape that has a paper structure instead of a pp or pvc one. This kind of product, is used mainly in the industrial sector, and it is also used in the daily life in the DIY activities, house-paintings and bricolage.

The Paper tapes are perfect for any kind of masking in the industrial field, because they are really easy to apply and molding, but most of all they are protective and resistant to high temperatures.

Paper tapes are also used in the automotive sector (especially in the bodywork production and in the assembly process) in the building industry and in the finishing works.

The strong resistance to the stress and the impermeability to the weather conditions has made this product simply perfect for the stone working and for the closure of special loads.

The paper tape is appropriate both for manual and automatic uses.

Packaging, sealing and painting are easy activities with the adhesive paper tapes of Printape!

Check out our wide range of paper tapes of various sizes and uses, they are perfect for packaging your most precious goods, secure your furniture from the painting stains, or marking properly plastic or metal objects without leaving any sign.

The paper tape is perfect for shipping in countries with a strict environment policy.

  • Soft and resistant: same qualities of the regular adhesive tape.
  • Ecologic: it can be disposed and recycled with the paper packaging on which it was attached.

Paper adhesive tapes are also resistant to medium and high temperatures up to 80 degrees, to infra-red rays, to weather conditions and to solvents.

The paper tapes of Printape can be used for:

  • Masking
  • Packaging
  • Sealing
  • Painting
  • Building Sector
  • Wood work
  • Finishing works

Printape can customize any type of adhesive tape, satisfying all of our clients’ needs.

Printape is an italian leading company in the custom printed tapes sector and packaging products, and it is able to manufacture a wide range of specific products from the producing process to the printing of adhesive tapes to the selling of stretch films and may other products for packaging.

A constant research of new materials and technological solutions in order to develop always new ideas and innovative products.

With Printape you can shop online our custom printed packaging tapes that best suit your needs. Promote now your brand with Printape! Customizing your adhesive tapes is fast and easy!

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