The adhesive tape is a plastic or paper tape on which it has been placed an adhesive substance. The tape can be adhesive on one side or on both sides (bi-adhesive tape), in the second one side of the tape is protected by a film.

The adhesive is the second most important element of the adhesive tape, because the support itself it doesn’t work as an adhesive tape. We mustn’t forget that a support it always have an adhesive layer that plays a crucial role.

The typologies of adhesive tapes that are employed in the packaging process are: the acrylic tape and the rubber tape.

Printape: acrylic adhesive tape

This typology of adhesive is perfect for permanent application and for exterior use.


  • good gluing on polar surfaces such as PET, PC, glass or metals.
  • resistant to high temperatures
  • resistant to the ageing, to the weather conditions and to the environmental factors
  • resistant to the slipping even with high temperatures


  • The definitive gluing is added after a specific time for settlement, until that moment the tape can be placed again.
  • Instant but weak gluing
  • Weaker gluing in case of non-polar surfaces

Printape: rubber adhesive tape

These adhesive tapes, both in natural rubber or in synthetic version are perfect to use on  non-polar surfaces and for general applications.

This typology of adhesive tapes have another important differentiating factor:

  • Natural rubber: is made with natural polymers and is often called “solvent adhesive”. It is an adhesive extremely stable, it doesn’t leave any traces on varnished surfaces and it is sensitive to the sunlight.
  • Synthetic rubber: is made with synthetic polymers, thermoplastic and often called “hot melt adhesive”. It is a generic adhesive, which is also quite economic, extremely sensitive to the heat and to the sunlight.


  • high gluing to the substrate
  • excellent adhesiveness on non-polar surfaces such as PP,PE or EPDM
  • cheaper than the other acrylic adhesive tapes


  • Lower resistance to the temperatures
  • Low resistance to the ageing, chemical agents and to humidity

In this category, the one that is a higher resistance to temperatures is the natural rubber, perfect for packaging tapes that must seal boxes in cold environments.

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