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Here are 7 packaging tips and inspirations to create your own custom packaging:

  1. Minimal custom packing: perfect for reducing the use of materials. It is a double functional solution. On one hand it meet the likes of the public on the other hand it reduces the transportation’s cost and the logistic management;
  2. Custom packaging for courier’s weight/volume charts: a smart solution for reducing the costs and the volumes;
  3. Custom green packaging: it reduces, it can be re-used and it can be recycled. The 52% of purchase decisions are influenced by the ecological impact;
  4. Custom reusable packaging: these solution can be implemented for potential return by the consumer that for the 80% of the times thinks he/she can returns the goods with the same packaging of the shipment.
  5. Anti break-ins packaging: in order to guarantee a safer packaging, our anti break-ins adhesive tapes are the best choice because they cannot be replaced;
  6. Custom packaging: custom packaging because it is a real business card for companies that want to communicate their values and strong points to the costumers. For an optimal customization, it is better to customize both sides of the packaging. Our custom printed tapes play an important role in the shipment sector because they guarantee the WOW effect!
  7. A faster and more comfortable custom packaging: solution for saving space in your storage and for increment the productivity of your company.

During the packaging phase, the adhesive tape plays an important role.

Printape’s adhesive tapes for custom packaging

Printape is an Italian leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes made of different materials: PVC, PP solvent, PP acrylic and Hot Melt.

PP Tapes

If you want to reduce the costs and you need a lot of adhesive tapes, the pp adhesive tapes are perfect for you.

The pp support is elastic, so if the tape is stretched when it is used, it returns to its original length.

If you use the pp tapes don’t pull too much the tape, or you are going to ruin it.

PVC Tapes

This material is silent during the unroll phase, opaque and very rigid.

It is easy to break it with the hands, without using a blade.

The glue is perfect for any kind of surface.

One flaw of the PVC tapes is that they cannot be used in cold warehouses because PVC is unsuitable for long periods of storage and to atmospheric agents.


Hot melt adhesive tapes are perfect for big packaging, they have an high adhesiveness and they are perfect for taping machines.

The main features of the hot melt adhesive tapes are their fast unroll and they are perfect for taping machines.

Printape designs, prints and manufactures high quality adhesive tapes for the custom packaging of all the companies that want to communicate their professionalism. Orders form a minimum of 72 pieces.

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