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If you are a business owner, Printape‘s offer is perfect for you: custom printed tapes from a minimum order of 72 pieces.

Printape offers you the perfect adhesive tape for your business with a high quality custom print that guarantees your a great exposure and resistance thanks to the powerful glue of our tapes.

Our custom printed tapes are made with different materials: PVC, PP solvent, PP acrylic and hot melt, in order to make our tapes more resistant and long-lasting; with the custom printed tapes, Printape also offers tape dispensers for a more comfortable and practical use.

The perfect business card for your company

If you are a business owner, here it is the solution you were looking for.

Using custom printed tapes is one of those business moves that allows a company to gain more value and visibility.


Imagine to receive a pack with a custom printed tape of the company’s product, with its brand or logo on, how do you perceive it?

The costumer will immediately have an idea of attention to detail and reliability of your company.

Don’t forget that our custom printed tapes is. with our packaging, the first business card of your company in the shipment process.

Undervaluing this aspect for your shipments, might be a huge mistake.

Why you should buy the Printape’s custom printed tapes?

The purchase of custom printed tapes is a smart choice for many reasons.

First of all, the online purchase of our custom adhesive tapes will make you save time and money.

Moreover, you can choose from our catalogue of custom printed tapes different measures and different materials: from the traditional PVC adhesive tapes at low prices, from long-lasting PP solvent adhesive tapes to the hot melt adhesive tapes which are resistant to hot temperatures and are easily re-usable.

All the different models of adhesive tapes guarantee you the highest reliability and convenience, from a minimum order of 72 pieces with a high quality custom print of your logo or brand.

This is the moment to promote your company even in the shipment process: your products will be a great business card thanks to Printape’s custom printed tapes.

Make your brand travel with Printape it’s easy and fast, with Prantape’s custom printed tapes!







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