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Custom Printed Tape

Custom Printed Tape

Printape, is an italian company located in Padua specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom printed tapes.

It doesn’t matter the sector of your company, we offer you the possibility to customize your adhesive packing tapes: if you want to pack and ship your products to your clients with a beautiful custom printed tape, all you have to do is contact us!

Our custom printed tape is an excellent instrument to promote your brand and your company, it is an essential element for your brand identity around the world, because it allows your clients to immediately recognize your merchandise.

Beyond the customization of your adhesive tape, one of our objectives is to provide an innovative and technological product to each one of our clients: this is the reason why we keep on research the best innovative and technological solutions.

Printape produces custom printed tapes and it offers its 30 years experience and know-how to satisfy any client’s need. Thanks to our values we are a reliable, professional and versatile company.

What does Printape offer for the promotion of your brand?

  • The choice of a maximum of 3 colors per print, from a minimum quantity order of 72 tapes.
  • The study and the design of your customized tape.
  • The develop of a graphic project to show in advance the final result of the tape.
  • The manufacturing of the stereotype.
  • The preservation of the stereotype for future uses.
  • The print of custom printed tapes that will seal your packaging and will promote your brand through double-sided print.

Printape’s Products

In addiction to our custom printed tape, Printape offers the following products:

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Plastic bags
  • Stretch films
  • Reinforced tapes
  • Bi-adhesive tapes
  • Paper tapes
  • Dispensers for adhesive tapes

For the custom printed tapes we use PVC, solvent PP, acrylic PP and high quality HOT MELT in order to guarantee the best printing quality and resolution.

Printape differs from the other adhesive tapes company for its flexibility: we provide custom printed tapes from a minimum order of 72 tapes.

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