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Printape offers to the clients custom printed tapes for all sectors, employing materials such as PVC, PP SOLVENT, PP ACRYLIC and HOT MELT.

Custom Printed Tapes In PVC

The PVC tape has a support in polyvinyl chloride with an adhesive layer in natural rubber.

The features of this material are:

  • Soft and silent unwrapping;
  • Good wet-ability;
  • Good print resolution;

The custom printed tapes in PVC are perfect to seal the packaging of medium weight, and PVC provides to the tape a particular plasticity at condition of an environment temperatures of 20°.

Custom Printed Tapes In PPL Solvent

The PPL solvent technical characteristics of adhesiveness and elasticity and its aesthetic features of glossiness and transparency, typical of this film, make it perfect tape for all the employments in the packaging field.

The PPL solvent tape is perfect to use at cold temperatures and it is a traditional auto-adhesive tape

Custom Printed Tapes in PPL Acrylic

The PPL Acrylic is employed in all those industries where it is required the packaging with boxes of medium-heavy weight because its polypropylene support has a thickness of 32 micron.

Its unwrapping is soft and silent.

Custom Printed Tapes in Hot Melt

It is an auto-adhesive tape perfect for sealing middleweight packaging and it can be also used on all the automatic machines.

It is perfect in all those sectors where packaging is required.

Printape offers custom printed tapes for any sector that requires the product packaging.

For a safe and efficient packaging, we design custom printed tapes in order to promote the client’s business and make the shipments safe from break-ins, with the advantage of a custom printed tape that cannot be replaced.

Print your logo on our custom printed tapes and make sure your brand is clearly visible for your recipients.

Printape is the perfect partner for your packaging needs: with us you will always have the best solution to packaging, to protect, to seal and to wrap your goods.

Printape offers the best solutions for your custom printed tapes, always meeting any need   of the client.

Give it a try! Printape provides custom printed tapes for a minimum order of 72 pieces.

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