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Printape, company located in Padua, works in the field of the manufacturing custom printed tapes.

It doesn’t matter in what kind of company do you work, we offer you the chance to customize your adhesive tapes for packaging: if you need to pack your products in order to ship them to your clients, don’t underestimate the importance of the packaging, add value to your brand.

The custom printed tapes are an excellent support for your image and for your company’s communication, because they allow your clients recipients to receive your goods, to immediately recognize your company, where the pack comes from and they represent an important vehicle to reinforce the Brand Identity of your company worldwide.

One of the objective of Printape is not only the customization of your adhesive tapes, but to provide an innovative and advanced product: we are constantly researching the best innovative and technological solutions.

Printape offers your all its 30-year experience of focus and specialization on meeting the clients’ and market’s requests in the adhesive tapes field, and thanks to our values we are also reliable, professional and versatile in all the territory.

What Printape offers you to add value to your company’s communication:

  • The possibility to print in 3 colors starting from a minimum order of 72 pieces.
  • We study together the design and the customization of the tapes
  • The development of the graphic project to show you how are going to be your custom printed tapes
  • Manufacturing of the clichès
  • The print on the front of the custom printed tapes that will seal your packaging and will show your brand around the world.

Printape’s Products

Printape doesn’t offer only custom printed tapes but also the following products:

  • Custom printed tapes
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Plastic bags
  • Extensible film
  • Reinforced tapes
  • Biadhesive tapes
  • Paper tapes
  • Tape dispensers

We offer PVC, PP SOLVENT, PP ACRYLIC and HOT MELT adhesive tapes with high quality standards,  always guaranteeing the best print resolution.

Printape sets itself apart thanks to its flexibility: we provide custom printed tapes starting form a minimum order of 72 pieces.

Do you want to add value to your goods and make your brand recognizable all around the world? Take a look to our products:

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