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Damaged Goods: Printape Got The Solution

Damaged Goods: Printape Got The Solution

The best way to receive the goods purchased online? Which guarantees has the costumer?

E-commerce is more and more appreciated by the customers: the purchases on the web are increasingly safer. Nowadays you can buy online wash machines, bottles of wine and any kind of product in all safety.

But what happens when the goods you received is damaged?

This question has been asked to couriers like TNT and DHL: how the customers should behave in this situation? Who is responsible of this case and what are the possible solutions?

The role of the courier is simply to retire a package and make sure it is delivered in the same conditions of the moment he received it.

Anyway it is easier to understand if a statue of a bottle got broken during the transportation, than a TV or a PC.

The advice that a lot of stores gives, in particular in case of large goods, it to sign conditionally when the delivery arrives. In this way the customer declares that he/she is accepting a package but with the possibility to check if the goods are intact.

This must be done because, according the law, the courier cannot allow the customer to open the package until he/she has signed the delivery note.

Not all the couriers accept this solution for the packages: for example TNT ask to sign conditionally only if the packages has some visible signs of mistreatment or incautious transport.

Indeed, if the package is intact, the courier can refuse to allow the customer to sign conditionally.

What happens if you use custom printed tapes

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The anti break-ins custom printed tape

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