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Do You Know That A Custom Printed Tape Is A Perfect Business Card?

Do You Know That A Custom Printed Tape Is A Perfect Business Card?

Are you a manager or an entrepreneur? We have the solution perfect for you.

Maybe you underestimate the usefulness of the custom printed tapes, but they represent a real jump in quality, and now we are going to explain you why.

From our experience and from the experience of our clients, the engagement is grown thanks to the employment of our custom printed tapes for packaging.

That’s because receiving a package with a company’s custom printed tape on, gives to the costumer an immediate sense of reliability e attention to the details that stuck in the memory.

Never forget that for a business company like yours, the packaging is considered the first business card of your products during the shipping: underestimating this aspect, could be taken as a sign of negligence in spite of the other companies who use the custom printed tapes.

What does it mean to have a custom printed tape?

Adding to your package a custom printed tape, provides added value to your company: you can customize the logo of your brand, your contacts, address and telephone number, or a catchy slogan.

Here are some examples of custom printed tapes designed and manufactured by Printape:

Stampa Nastri adesivi personalizzati Rovigo

Thanks to these adhesive tapes your company will be more recognizable to your clients and the engagement and the reliability will exponentially grow.

Printape meets the needs of the companies who want to try and use its custom printed tape for packaging, from a minimum order of 72 pieces.

Printape is always a step ahead in the industry of the adhesive tapes

Printape is constantly updated in order to offer to its clients the best print resolution in the custom printed tape industry.

We always support our clients, providing high quality and high resistant material, assure them high performances of the product always keeping high our qualitative standards. Our strong points are quality, professionalism and flexibility and we operate in the market with this philosophy.

Our client request custom printed tapes for packaging in order to protect their shipments from break-ins and most of all to promote the image of their brand or company.

We offer high quality custom printed tapes in PVC, PP SOLVENT, PP ACRYLIC and HOT MELT.

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