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It might seems easy to pack a package safely, actually there are a lot of packages that get broken during the shipping and the content get several damages.

For an optimal shipment, it is important to protect the objects with a proper packaging and with some proper materials, depending on the type of good you have to ship.

For this reason, we want to give some rules to observe, with any kind of packaging:

  • Pick the right packaging; there isn’t a material that is perfect for all the products. The choice always depends on the shape, on the object’s level of fragility and its function.
  • The wood is the perfect kind of packaging for big or expensive goods. Big packs can contain stoves or machinery, instead the little packs can contain bottles of wine or fragrances.
  • Boxes are perfect for not-fragile goods: in order to avoid the risk of damages it is possible to fill the box with polystyrene.
  • Pick the polyethylene to customize the inside of your packaging and to create an anti-theft barrier.
  • The polystyrene remains a great choice to wrap and to protect the products inside the package.
  • The angle brackets are important in order to avoid the pressure of the goods inside the package.
  • The perfect packaging protects the goods without taking too much space
  • If you have to ship some electronic components, remember to always ask for an anti-static, dissipative or obscuring materials for the packaging.

Protect your packaging with Printape’s customize printed tapes!

Pick the right protection for packaging, pick the safety and the quality of Printape’s custon printed tapes.

Every package, does not only protect the goods but it also has an important communicative role: while traveling, it shows your company’s logo everywhere!

Our clients always request our custom printed tapes for packaging their packages and for protecting their shipments from the break-ins, but most of all, to promote their brands around the world.

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