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The arrival of a package is always very exciting but sometimes it can be a disappointment if the goods come broken.

We advise you to always packaging your goods, label your packages so they will arrive safe and sound and now we are going to tell you how to secure your packages with the custom printed tapes.

4 Steps To Seal Your Packages For The Shipment

  1. Use a resistant box to contain the goods to ship. It is important that the box doesn’t’ have stretches, lacerations, folds, or any kind of damages. You can pick any box in your house or for any box for the packaging. The best choice might be to choose a new box.
  2. In order to ship the object safely, is proper to use the most suitable padding materials for your box. To isolate them, wrap every object with air bubble sheets and with recyclable padding materials or bulk polymeric material. The content mustn’t touch the inside of the package.
  3. Label your package right, adding all your shipping information: postcode and any useful information for the delivery. Make sure to put the label on the package and to remove any old label or old marking. Fix your label, but not on the junction lines or on the adhesive tape of the package.
  4. Accurately seal your package, we advise you to choose a custom printed tape with your business logo on it, in order to allow your client to immediately recognized the recipient of the package and it will guarantee safety: in case of break-in it cannot be replaced.

Any kind of box, package or packaging material can be customized with Printape’s custom printed tapes with your business’ logo and address on.

Any kind of goods to ship will make a good impression with a custom printed tape and perfect packaging: not only the package, wherever is its destination, it will be recognized at first sight from the recipient or whoever see it, and the customization will promote your brand!

Your brand will be promote with a minimum spending: an excellent marketing strategy with a ROI really high and an investment really low!

We provide custom printed tapes from a minimum order of 72 pieces:

With Printape you can buy custom packaging tapes that meet your needs. Make your brand travel, customizing your tapes is fast and easy!


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