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If you want to safely close and seal your packages, choose our custom printed tapes for packaging.

We offer the possibility to:

  • design we our experts the graphic of your custom printed tapes for packaging and make your shipment original and unique compared with all the anonymous packaging of the others companies;
  • choose the best quality of PVC, PP SOLVENT, PP ACRYLIC AND HOT MELT custom printed tapes;
  • Print your custom printed tapes from a minimum order of 72 pieces;
  • Make your packaging safer: with a custom printed tape for packaging, your package is safe from break-ins because it cannot be replaced.
  • Promote your products all around the world, with our custom printed tapes.
  • Promote your company: a single adhesive tape for the packaging with your logo on, makes a great marketing strategy.

How to use custom printed tapes for packaging and how to prepare a pack

  1. Make sure you have a pack big enough to contain the goods to ship. It is important that the package doesn’t have stretches, folds or damages of any kind.
  2. Use some materials to stuff your  package in order to protect it from damages and breakage: wrap your goods with air bubble plastic materials, recycled filler materials or polymeric materials. The contents must not touch the inner part of the package.
  3. Correctly label the package with all the details of the shipment: postal code, city, address, everything. Do not put the label on the junction lines or on the adhesive tape of the package.
  4. Finally, perfectly seal the package with Printape’s custom printed tapes with your company’s logo, to allow your client or recipient to immediately recognize it. Besides, in case of break-ins the tape cannot be replaced.

Whatever might be the product you have to ship, make sure the packaging will be aesthetically pleasant.

Wherever your package is sent, it will be immediately recognized by the recipient or whoever sees it first, with the possibility to add a promotional message.

Your business brand will be spread all around the world with a small budget: an excellent marketing strategy with better results of a more expensive traditional advertisement.

What are you waiting for? Request now a free estimate for our custom printed tapes for packaging, we design and we manufacture adhesive tapes from a MINIMUM ORDER OF 72 PIECES:





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