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Manufacturing of custom printed tapes in different materials

Manufacturing of custom printed tapes in different materials

Printape is specialized in the manufacturing of custom printed tapes for your packaging.

Would you like to finish your shipment with a custom packaging? All you need is some custom printed tapes with your brand on!

Our team customize printed tapes paying the maximum attention on satisfying the client, even the most demanding one.

Printape is in constant updating for the manufacturing of custom printed tape and for the research of new materials and technological solutions in order to develop new ideas and innovative products.

Being aware of the communicative importance of having your brand printed on the adhesive tape is of utmost importance for any kind of company, big or little ones.

The manufacturing of custom printed tape with the brand of the company, will match your products in every part of the country or in the world, protecting the content from eventual break-ins.


Why choose Printape? Now we are going to explain you why:

  • Our team is able to print a maximum of 3 colors;
  • Our team supervise the whole printing process;
  • Our team pay attention to the raw materials used: Printape always use high quality PVC, PP, ACRYLIC, and HOT MELT adhesive tapes.
  • High technology in the implementation of custom printing of adhesive tapes.
  • Flexibility in the printing department: starting from a minimum order of 72 tapes:
  • Short manufacturing times for custom printed tapes.


When the packaging is read to being shipped, use our custom printed tapes in order to protect your packs: a custom printed tape cannot be replaced, instead of an anonymous adhesive tape.


The manufacturing of custom printed tapes guarantees a constant visibility of you company. Whether you have to ship in your country of abroad, your logo or your designed print of your custom printed tape, will travel all around the territory.

Save money on the advertisement of you company in order to engage and to make a good impression on your clients!

Would you prefer to receive a packaging with a boring, anonymous tape or with a beautiful custom printed tape?

Printape, Nastro adesivo personalizzato, Nastri adesivo personalizzato

A simple but effective product to protect your packaging and to promote your company: the manufacturing of custom printed tapes of Printape will guarantee you the best quality and aesthetic of you package.

After 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of custom printed tapes, Printape is the perfect partner to satisfy your packaging needs!







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