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The adhesive tape is a useful tool both at home and at work. Before buying adhesive tape, is better to have in mind a specific use, since there are many typologies of adhesive tape in the market, and picking the right one might be complicated.

Nowadays, companies like Printape have launched on the market proper adhesive tapes for any kind of use, always more focused on the single need of the entrepreneurs and the firms, therefore Printape stands out from the other firms for its innovative and high-quality products and materials.

Let’s see more specifically which adhesive tape choose depending on our needs.

The adhesive tape is one of those object that when you need it, it isn’t there. This is the reason why is always better to have one adhesive tape in the office or in the storehouse.

There are different types of adhesive tapes, such as rubber tape, are perfect for the attachment on non-polar surfaces and for general use.

The advantages of the rubber tapes are the following:

  • they last more than the acrylic adhesive tapes
  • they have more adhesiveness to the substratum

The disadvantages of the rubber tapes:

  • less resistant in case of humidity
  • less resistant to the high temperatures

Instead the packaging adhesive tape, it is useful to seal boxes or it can be used for the internal packaging. There are different types of adhesive tapes, such as: in pvc, in paper and in pp.

  • in PVC

PVC material is very resistant in case of heavy packs; it is easy to cut with the hands and it doesn’t leave residues on smooth surfaces like glass or furniture. It is used a lot also by the house movers. Anyway, the pvc adhesive tape has a disadvantage: it has a low resistance to high temperatures and it is easily breakable.

  • In PP

The PP adhesive tape is cheap and it has low resistance. This type of adhesive tape is perfect for printing and it is characterized by three kinds of adhesives: acrylic, solvent or hot melt. The price depends on the type of material of the adhesive tape.

  • In paper

Finally, there is the paper adhesive tape also known as ecopack. This type of adhesive tape has similar characteristics to pp and PVC adhesive tape.

This adhesive tape is the different from the others because of its paper support and it is very resistant to high temperatures and to thermal shock.

Thanks to Printape it is possible to customize the adhesive tapes for firms, printing the brand or the label of your company or a special sentence for an original gift!

Contact Printape for the production of custom adhesive tapes in small amounts!


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