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In order to seal the packs to storage in the warehouse or to ship them somewhere, it is important to use the right typologies of adhesive tapes.

Here are Printape‘s tips to choose the adhesive tape that meets your needs:

  • The Magnetic Tape: a tape with two sides, one adhesive and one magnetic. It is the best tape for who want to apply a magnetic strip to attach notes, photos or small magnets.
  • The Bi-Adhesive Tape: it is a tape with two adhesive sides, the traditional bi-adhesive tape is protected in one of the two sides by a film called liner. It is the ideal tape for whoever needs an adhesive tape that “glue” in both sides. There white bi-adhesive tapes or transparent bi-adhesive tapes, each one for specific uses: for mirrors, for exteriors, removable or permanent. The Command 3M stripes are really particular and they are specific stripes to hang, fix, organize and change idea anytime you want.
  • The Packaging Tape: it is also called tape “for packs” because it is the most proper tape for seal boxes, packs and envelopes. It is been specifically designed to resist to the atmospheric agents, to the humidity, to the abrasions and is also been formulated to guarantee an high adhesiveness to cardboard boxes. The silent packaging tape is perfect for who daily work in a warehouse and have to pack a large number of boxes, because it doesn’t disturb during the unwrapping.
  • The Transparent Adhesive Tape: it is the traditional adhesive tape that we use everyday and that it cannot never miss on our desks. The transparent tape is available both with a silent unwrapping and with a regular unwrapping, depending on the needs of the client.
  • The Paper Tape: it is a tape composed by a semi-crepe paper specific for the masking in the construction industry, for precision decorating works and mural painting that once it is removed it doesn’t leave any trace.
  • The Canvas Tape: it is composed by a thick tape that is able to fix, bind, hem, etc. The paper adhesive tape is available in the following colors: blue, green, yellow, white, black and red.
  • The Magic Scotch: it is an invisible special scotch on paper and it has an extremely smooth surface where it is possible to write without smearing. It is the ideal tape for repairing and sealing documents. It doesn’t run dry, it doesn’t turn yellow and you can rip it manually for a more practical and faster use.

With Printape you can buy the best packaging tapes that meet your needs.

Show your brand to the world with Printape, customizing your tape is easy and fast!




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